Linda Feeding Harley The Pelican 08-2011

Linda Feeding Harley the Pelican August, 2011

Harley, the pelican, was taken to see Dr. Lori Cherney, on Monday.  He was found to be a bit underweight, at 11.8 pounds.  American White Pelicans on average weigh 16.4 pounds with males weighing more than females.  He was also carrying a large parasite load so that has been addressed and is on an antibiotic.

No broken bones were found and the primary focus is to FEED him and to observe for any other issue that could pop up.    We have plenty of dead small fish for him to eat but he would appreciate some small lives ones(no bull heads–they won’t eat them)   If you can help Harley out with live fish, call Linda at (319)277-1696 or (319)230-9890.

This picture was taken by the Waterloo Courier yesterday.  Linda reports this a.m. Harley is overall looking better.   Look for an article to come out in the Courier soon on our big white bird!


Terese Evans
Black Hawk Wildlife Rehab Project

Mary's finche release photo 04-22-11

Mary's Finch release photo - 04-22-11

Mary Eldridge sent me another photo of the finch release that I posted yesterday.  Her husband, Dennis, actually caught the finch as a blur of feathers coming out of the carrier.   At least we got that much, but boy, we could have used one of those fancy high speed cameras that day for a better photo op!   😉

Yellow Bellied Sap Suckker 04-22-11

Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

This yellow bellied sap sucker was turned in by Mike Bonser, one of our DNR officers over a week ago or better.  It was brought to him by a concerned rescuer.   Christina Langham took over care of this bird,  There was just a mild concussion present and I am hoping by now this bird was able to go back to the wild.

Thanks to Nikki Novak, a few of our wild ones will be snuggling up with these Cozy Hugs for comfort and warmth.   Thanks, Nikki, for these and the generous donation.  🙂

Cozy Hugs - Nikki's 04-11

Cozy Hugs - Nikki's 04-11

Mealworms - Karen Fishers

Mealworms - Karen Fishers

Ever wonder how the meal worms come in the mail?  Well, wonder no more, the fourth picture is of how the mail delivers them.   Over 1000 meal worms were in this package!

Terese and Barred owl, Spirit at Sacred Heart School 04-14-11

Terese and Barred owl Spirit at Sacred Heart School

Besides rehabbing animals, we will always be out there educating and teaching how to coexist and help wildlife when the need arises.    Linda and I are the two primary public educators.   This program was at “my” school, Sacred Heart, which I attended many moons ago.

The kids were learning about respect and compassion for all living things and I was asked to do a program for the school  They were divided into two groups and both were large audiences.   They were wonderful kids to visit with and receptive and respectful to the information shared on wildlife rehabbing.  In this photo, they were enjoying the wing span of Spirit, our educational barred owl.

Have a blessed Easter everyone!

Terese Evans
Black Hawk Wildlife Rehab Project

Momma Duck and her Ducklings in Waiting 05-04-11

Momma Duck and her Ducklings in Waiting

I got a phone call a few days ago as I was getting off work that there was a Momma Duck hatching out her ducklings in a location that was going to present a traffic hazard for people and for her family of ducklings and herself.

Momma Duck and her Six pack 05-04-11

Momma Duck and her Six Pack

I went over and sure enough there she was right in front of Kimball Ridge, (the old Schoitz building), with her ducklings on the nest with her.

I called Animal Control and they brought equipment and we netted mom and the babies!  There was one egg unhatched yet so I kept her overnight to see if it would hatch and it did not. The following day the six ducklings and mom were released on a private pond.

Raccoon Kits 05-05-11

Raccoon Kits

Momma Raccoon arrived to Linda’s house with her four babies.  She took to the ceiling at first but then settled down to nurse and comfort her babies.

Mom Possum and her babies 05-06-11

Mom Possum and her babies

Momma Opossum went for a follow up appointment with Dr. Cherney today and she got the green light to be released.   I got a rare photo of Mom Possum today on her back in her box with her pouch exposed and some babies were visible.  Dr. Cherney said the babies have doubled in size since her last appointment.   🙂

Terese Evans
Black Hawk Wildlife Rehab Project

Gosling Baby

Baby Gosling

This young gosling came in the first week in July.  It was a mere 21 days old and Darrell Porter from Cedar Falls brought it to me for care.  It was not able to walk well at all and could not use one leg at all.

I took it to Lori Cherney who found it to have a bad sprain.  We put a splint on her for two weeks.  It worked!

Gosling with Splint

Gosling with Splint

But after the splint came off she was weak on that leg and needed an extended period of time to fully recover to be able to follow in her family group again.

Today was release day, some two months after she came in and she looks like a full grown goose!

In the third picture was the start of the magic.
As Darrel and I started down the hill to one of his ponds on his gator, he said, “there is her family group!”   It was two adults and two almost grown babies up on the lawn.

Goose Reunion 08-16-09

Goose Reunion

Our goose in the picture is the one dead center in the picture.  Her family is off to the left, the group of four.
I was so amazed at what we saw and I was so busy watching the interaction and did not take more pictures.  But low and behold, our goose veered off to the left and just blended with her family.  NO problem whatsoever.  They walked off together just like that!

We both just stood there in awe of what we witnessed.   Almost two months had passed and she was recognized and accepted into her family group!   WOW!

The last picture is a picture of one of Darrel’s ponds and where we released six mallards today also.

Porter Pond

Porter Pond

Just a great day and an awesome reunion!

Terese Evans
Black Hawk Wildlife Rehab Project

Chloe and Linda July 2009

Chloe and Lina, July 2009

Chloe Schuerman just had a birthday and she decided instead of presents she wanted her party attendants to donate a gift of money to be directed to Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project.

She had a great party and presented Linda Nebbe and Big Momma, our educational Great Horned Owl, with a check for 120.00!!!

Wow!  Thanks, Chloe, for helping the animals and a thank you also goes to her grand father, Bill Schuerman, for involving Chloe in his love of wildlife and for the giving spirit to Black Hawk Wildlife.
Thanks so much, Chloe!!!

Terese Evans
Black Hawk Wildlife Rehab Project

“The love for all living creatures is the most notable attribute of man.”

Charles Darwin